Journey into My New Life

I’ve spent most of the last two years on my couch, in my bed, or on my grandmother’s couch. I was perusing Instagram and Facebook, only to view my friends and peers post fabulous vacation pictures or write statuses about their various opportunities to achieve upward job mobility and success. Meanwhile, I was stagnant. Oh, the wonders that did for my self-esteem.

I was engaged in reality television (thank you, VH-1), cooking shows and competitions (I can’t get enough of the Food Network), and of course an unconscionable amount of hours playing NBA 2K (y’all can catch me on Playstation Network).

But, now all that is over. My idle days are hopefully behind me, for better or for worse. I’m leaving the house more frequently, at least three days a week for the next three months. I’m nervous, I’m excited, a mix of emotions. The one thing I’m not is tired — I was smart enough to get my eight hours of sleep.

My objective is to develop a balance between my desire to write and pursue my creative endeavors and my professional life. That means that I have to do my due diligence, being be willing to learn from mistakes (they only make you stronger and better), be willing to ask a thousand questions (even the most basic ones), and do my best to leave a good lasting impression.

This is a fresh start for me. “A New Year, New Me”, as they say. This is an opportunity to show up and show out, bring fresh ideas to the table, try my hand at blogging, and become the best man I can be; that will, in turn, benefit my internship. This is going to require a laser focus and meticulous attention to detail.



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