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This is my first blog post (ever!), and I’m not really sure what to say.  I guess I’m hung up on the idea of ‘knowing your audience.’  Because who’s really the reader here?  People can (and do) get on Al Gore’s Internet and say anything they want.  Everybody in the world is talking on here at once.  Is anyone reading this nascent little blog?  Hello?  Bueller?

So, given that I’m probably just talking into the infinite, noisy, anonymous internet void, how should I write these posts?  What topics does the void care about?  Is it inherently better to talk to yourself about certain things than others?

Maybe this blog is more like the collective diary of the Gotham Writers Workshop Winter 2018 Interns, and anyone else who stumbles upon it has lucked into a small glimpse into our thoughts and our lives.  In which case: hi Khari, Amanda, Catherine, and internet strangers!  I’m glad we’re starting this project together.

Hopefully all of my blog posts won’t be like this.  But if they are, at least you know which ones to skip!


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