A New Adventure

As I start this new opportunity interning for Gotham, I can’t help but look at the path I took to get here.

When I entered college, I was a Biology major with aspirations to become a researcher or go to medical school. As I took more and more biology classes, I continued to enjoy being in the sciences. However, Being a biology major isn’t always about biology. There’s chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. Aaaaand that’s where I began to fail. I passed chemistry and physics, sure, but the information never stuck and I found myself resenting biology when I had to use concepts from those classes to use in my biology classes. Then I realized maybe a career in the sciences might not be a career path I might take.

So what do all college seniors do when the impending doom of graduation, job hunting, and general adulthood start banging on your door? Delay the inevitable and go to grad school. And that’s what I did. I wound up minoring in English while I was getting my science degree and it was enough to land into graduate school to get a master’s in English.

So was grad school worth it? Was it worth the added student loan debt? Definitely. I don’t think I’d change it for the world. While in grad school, I really learned that while I love biology it wasn’t quite for me, but English was a passion that I can take with me and be in a career for 40 years without hating it. Because when you’re taking graduate level classes, you’re surrounded by peers that have passion for the subject. You find out really quickly if you have the same passion that they do.

Upon leaving grad school with my degree, I sought out to find work in publishing, or writing…or something. But after months of no replies and no job offers, I wound up working in the nonprofit sector as an administrative assistant. Was it in the industry I wanted? No, but I was getting a steady-ish paycheck and I was getting experience that I could use when I eventually do get that dream job.

And then I quit. With no job and real life rearing its ugly head, I needed a backup, a side hustle of sorts that can help me get my bills paid while I continue to look for jobs in publishing. So what did I do? You guessed it, I applied for a two year nursing degree (Have I just circled back to something similar to what I originally started with? It’s completely unexpected, I know). But in the midst of sending in my school application, I applied to Gotham Writers as an intern, and I got the gig.

Almost every opportunity I’ve had, that I’ve really grown from and enjoyed is because of people who saw my potential and was willing to take a chance. In the months leading up to my (3rd) return to school, I’m a Gotham Intern. You could call it a new adventure of sorts. I’m excited for everything I’m going to learn and it’s a great first step to moving into a profession I know I will enjoy (and I’ll have nursing as a good side hustle if all else fails).



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