Goodbye, Gotham

For nearly three months, every other week, I’ve been blogging. It’s been an interesting process and I hope whoever has been reading them has gotten a good sense of who I am. I know it’s only been five blog posts, and this one being number six. However, I think they’ve covered my varied interests and experiences, painting an accurate portrait of the person presented before you.

I’m not sure what’s next for me. I’ll most likely spend the next couple of months applying for jobs in between bouts of watching television, playing video games, writing, and taking a stand-up comedy class. It would seem the best way to essentially sign off is to sum up my experience.

When I first began in January I was unsure what this internship would hold for me. Now, internships are not foreign to me. Office space, a water cooler, bringing my own laptop, and of course co-workers. I had experience on the phone as a solicitor and over the years I had gotten use to churning out emails.

Over the past few months I’ve had such a great time getting to know everybody in the office. It’s been a pleasure sharing myself through blogging. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my fellow interns. I even found comfort in having a dog in the office, shout out to Cosmo.

I wish everybody the best of luck and I hope the next crop of interns enjoys Gotham as much as I did.


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