Meet the Interns

img_9433.jpegAmanda is a graduate of Seton Hall University and Hofstra University, holding a bachelor’s in Biology and a master’s in English respectively. Amanda would like to expand her skill-set and eventually move to working in publishing or freelance writing. Always more of a reader than a writer, Amanda is looking forward to developing and expanding her writing skills. New year, new Amanda!


unnamedKhari is a SUNY Purchase graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Playwriting and Screenwriting. A Bronx native, Khari spent his teen years dabbling in creative writing: including poetry, short story, and even a children’s story for his creative writing class during his senior year of high school. Khari also competed in the New York Knicks poetry slam and participated in several Urban Word workshops. Besides being an aspiring Screenwriter, Playwright, and TV Writer; Khari is also a Stand-Up Comedian.



Ben graduated from Tufts last May, traversed the country in a van all summer, and then moved to New York City when his money ran out.  He’s known among friends for his astute financial decisions and his belief that grammar is arbitrary.  His interests include recycling, astronomy, jazz, urban planning / public transportation, and art; in his free time, he likes to go outside.  Ben hopes to write for a living, but if that doesn’t work out, he’s going to shoot for carpenter or stay-at-home dad.



23275697_10155494706874342_4253232315116070661_o.jpgCatherine is back for her second term with Gotham because she just can’t get enough! Catherine hails from Northern Virginia, which she passionately insists is not the South. She graduated in 2016 from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Arts in Television Writing & Producing and a minor in Creative Writing. Catherine considers herself an honorary Long Islander, even though she’s never seen Billy Joel at The Garden. She just finished applying to MFA programs for Fall 2018 in Fiction (fingers crossed) because she truly believes that stories are better than real life! If she’s not sleeping, she’s probably playing The Sims or being antagonized by her cat. Catherine aspires to make people laugh with her writing, so if it’s not funny, just don’t say anything!

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